On early mornings

Early mornings, hate the sound of them but love when I manage to get up for them. By noon, it feels like you’ve already accomplished more than you thought you’d accomplish in a week.

The sun is shining today and I’m seeing blue skies out my window. Oh and our tiny herb garden is finally coming to life! The DD decided to replant the grocery store herbs and they are feeling miiiiighty fine after that.

A little encouragement on this lovely Tuesday morning. Here’s to a great day!



If I had a money tree…

I would be really, really, realllllllllly happy in this moment. But, so far I haven’t been able to locate one, so if you have tips – please share!

Between moving twice in the last year, adjusting to life in two new countries and not working much, my days of shopping are far behind me. But when it’s sunny outside, I immediately start making a mental list of what I want for the summer. I’m investing in accessories to dress up my existing wardrobe. 

This weekend we’re enjoying the sunny weather and having a bbq with new friends – win!
Have a nice one!


<<< L to R

1. Bop basics hairties
2. March by March Jacobs Henry watch
3. Bing Bang cross ring
4. Marc by March Jacobs drawstring tote

L to R >>>

1. Karen Walker Helter Skelter sunglasses
2. Superga Cotu classic sneakers
3. Clare Vivier Royal Blue Pebble fold over clutch
4. Steve Madden Dondi 


Happy Tuesday!

My sister and I had a conversation about blogging last night that got me thinking. We’re newbies on the blogging scene (check her out here!) and although we both admit that we really enjoy it, finding things to blog about (never mind things people will be interested in!) can sometimes be a bit…. tiresome. We both love reading blogs, but when it comes to finding content for our own, the options can seem slim.

To me, blogging is really exciting. It’s not about who reads it or how many followers you have, starting a blog is about sharing what interests you and what inspires you. And hey, if you meet some great people along the way, all the better!

I’m spending my day reading new found blogs, applying for jobs, and dreaming up inspiration.
Ever wonder what being an expat in Norway is like? Take a look below. It’s not 100% accurate, but I can definitely relate to some things (yes, some beer really is 15 euros!)

Have a great day!

Art prints for the home

We moved to Stavanger roughly 2 months ago, to a brand new apartment with minimal furnishings. As with most Scandinavian homes, the walls are white and seem to extend for days. Although we did put up some artwork recently, our apartment needs a few more pieces to really add more detail to the place. Here are a few prints currently on my wish list, ‘the whisk wasn’t the tallest’ being my favourite.


L to R:

1. Matryoshka Cambodian Girl Art Print – Etsy
2. Fishing in a fish print – Etsy
3. Combined Colorful European Buildings Skyline – Etsy
4. The Whale – Society6
5. the whisk wasn’t the tallest – Society6
6. Oh Goody – Etsy
7. You are too possessive – Etsy
8. yes! – Society6

Never met a beach I didn’t like

Last weekend, we went surfing. Now, surfing and Norway are not two words I associate with each other. The word surfing makes me think of tropical, luke warm waters, bikinis, abundant amounts of sunshine, warm temperatures, you get the picture. Our experience last weekend was quite the opposite.

Nevertheless, we suited up and hit the waves. It was raining, windy, the water temperature was slightly (read: extremely) lower than I would have liked, but here in Norway, rain or shine, you surf.

This blog is…


I’m Erin – a born a raised Canadian currently residing in Norway. I’m starting this blog as a way of sharing those things that inspire me in everyday life. Whether it be food, traveling, products, fashion, or design, you’ll be sure to find it here.

So why ‘whats it called’?

Because I say it, a lot, perhaps too much. Slowly it has become part of my daily lingo. Sometimes the person I’m talking to understands what I mean, but usually not.

Thanks for stopping by!