Bucket List

A constant work in progress, the ‘to-date’ version.


– Maldives (how could it not be on the list?)
– Cinque de Terre
– Corsica (and preferably stay here, or somewhere equally as glamorous)
– Turkey
– Morocco
– Portugal
– Tropea, Calabria, Southern Italy. my oh my, it’s gorgeous.
– Australia & New Zealand
– the Big Apple (NYC) again
– Blue Lagoon, Iceland. even though I sort of really don’t like hot springs…


– road/foodie trip across America
– fly in a helicopter
– fly in a fighter jet. okay, no idea how this is going to happen, but if you’ve got suggestions send em my way!
– win a squash game against DD


– homemade bread, with a starter. I’ve got this cookbook waiting to be cracked open.
– perfect Thai red curry
– ginger beer syrup
– fresh pressed juice. step one: buy a juicer
– corn tortillas
– have a ‘go-to’ chocolate chip cookie recipe. this one from TheKitchn is pretty damn delicious.
– horchata, mmm.


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