Happy Tuesday!

My sister and I had a conversation about blogging last night that got me thinking. We’re newbies on the blogging scene (check her out here!) and although we both admit that we really enjoy it, finding things to blog about (never mind things people will be interested in!) can sometimes be a bit…. tiresome. We both love reading blogs, but when it comes to finding content for our own, the options can seem slim.

To me, blogging is really exciting. It’s not about who reads it or how many followers you have, starting a blog is about sharing what interests you and what inspires you. And hey, if you meet some great people along the way, all the better!

I’m spending my day reading new found blogs, applying for jobs, and dreaming up inspiration.
Ever wonder what being an expat in Norway is like? Take a look below. It’s not 100% accurate, but I can definitely relate to some things (yes, some beer really is 15 euros!)

Have a great day!


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