Art prints for the home

We moved to Stavanger roughly 2 months ago, to a brand new apartment with minimal furnishings. As with most Scandinavian homes, the walls are white and seem to extend for days. Although we did put up some artwork recently, our apartment needs a few more pieces to really add more detail to the place. Here are a few prints currently on my wish list, ‘the whisk wasn’t the tallest’ being my favourite.


L to R:

1. Matryoshka Cambodian Girl Art Print – Etsy
2. Fishing in a fish print – Etsy
3. Combined Colorful European Buildings Skyline – Etsy
4. The Whale – Society6
5. the whisk wasn’t the tallest – Society6
6. Oh Goody – Etsy
7. You are too possessive – Etsy
8. yes! – Society6


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